Cranberry Green Beans

The Vegan Stoner's Cranberry Green Beans


Anonymous said...

This looks delicious. Green beans have always been the most boring vegetable of all vegetables to me. But I'm more than willing to give these guys a shot.

Holy_Food said...

Simply Delicious and healthy.!!
Thanks for sharing.!

Unknown said...

sorry ... general Vegan question~

I own a donut shop and am thinking about offering a vegan donut from a vegan recipe.
I only have one fryer, and need to use the same oil for both regular and vegan donuts. Does that break a vegan rule?

The Vegan Stoner said...

Hi Voodoo Justice—thank you for making an effort to have a vegan-friendly menu! For a strict vegan, however, the oil would need to be vegetable-based, in addition to the donuts being cooked in a separate fryer from the non-vegan items.

waka waka said...

Hi, guys, I'm sure people say this a lot, but I really, really, REALLY love your blog. I found it looking for, ahem, vegan munchies. So there.

*goes back to lurking mode*

Anonymous said...

Nice! said...

Wow! This dish is absolutely amazing! It is really delicious, healthy and also smells fabulous! Thanks a lot for awesome recipe!

Anonymous said...

I there a way to substitute the soy and gluten in your recipes I really want to try your recipes and even have your book but can't do the gluten or soy thank you

The Vegan Stoner said...

Hi Anonymous -

We totally understand, and we’re putting lots more gluten-free recipes in the upcoming book. The recipe on this page is a good example. The recipe before this - Pumpkin Soup - should also meet your dietary needs.

As far as our old recipes, toasting chopped walnuts and/or other nuts in an oiled pan can work great as a soy replacement. This would probably work well in the Tater Tot Hotdish, for example. Just replace the tofu with toasted and seasoned nuts of your choice in steps 2 and 3.

This same method would work to replace the seitan in the Carnitacos recipe in our book, too (page 23). You just have to make sure you use gluten-free tortillas.

We've also found that mushrooms work nicely as a soy replacer in certain recipes. For example, you could replace the seitan in our Potato Hash recipe (page 73) with seasoned mushrooms. Then you could replace the wheat flour with gluten-free rice flour and use almond creamer/hemp milk/etc. instead of soy creamer.

Nuts and shrooms will not work to replace soy in all of the recipes, obviously. The Quiche on page 76 wouldn't be solved this way, for example. But you could replace the tofu with a cauliflower mixture similar to the one in the Tater Tot Hotdish.

The Lentil Burger (page 31) could be made using a rice flour, nutritional yeast, or similar binder instead of the oats. Plus there are lots of companies offering gluten-free bread buns and soy-free veganaise now.

I could keep going but it really depends on the type of recipe. Let us know if you have any other specific recipes you're thinking of, and we'll see what we can dream up.

Thanks for the question!


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